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Roofing Accessories

Architectural Sheet Metal & Panels, Inc. has a wide variety of accessories and fasteners for your metal roofing project. We carry metal roofing accessories at both our northern and southern Colorado locations and can get you the parts you need to complete your project.

What Accessories Do You Carry?

We have a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Fasteners
  • Panel Clips
  • Rivets
  • Panel Closures
  • Master Flash
  • Underlayment

What Types of Fasteners Do You Have?

We have standard fasteners including wood screws, stitch screws, and pancake screws.

What Types of Panel Clips Do You Have?

We carry mechanical and snap-lock panel clips.

What Is Underlayment?

Underlayment is the material that you put between the roof deck and the roof itself. It provides an additional layer of protection and some insulation. Roofing underlayment may be made of felt or of synthetic materials.

Which Type of Underlayment is Better?

If you have ever seen a traditional roof being constructed, then you have seen the black roofing paper that is placed between the deck and the shingles. This roofing paper is actually tar or asphalt soaked felt and was the industry standard for a long period of time. It comes in multiple thickness levels, though the most common are No.15 and No.30. No. 30 is thicker and stronger and is more likely to be used in roofs that may be subjected to severe weather conditions. Felt is less expensive, but it is more difficult to work with, prone to tearing, heavier, and requires more seams.

Synthetic roof underlayment is created from polymers that are moisture resistant. While it is more expensive than felt, it may be required under some manufacturer warranties. It is also faster to install, tougher, and safer.

Come See Us for Your Accessory Needs

Whatever type of accessory you need for your metal fabrication or roofing project, we can help. Contact us to let you know what you need or with any questions you may have about installation accessories.