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Pipe Boots

Making sure that your roof is watertight is one of the most important elements in building. It is also one of the biggest concerns people have when they are moving to a metal roofing system. While the metal sheets are clearly going to protect against water, any place where the surface is breached introduces another potential entry point for water. Pipe boots are one of the tools that we use to help keep water from entering your building.

What Are Pipe Boots?

Pipe boots are devices placed around a pipe that are designed to keep water from entering around the pipe. The whole reason they exist is to prevent water from entering.

What Materials Are Used for Pipe Boots?

Pipe boots have traditionally been available in both lead and rubber or plastic. Lead is an incredibly durable material and was popular for pipework for decades. However, there are health concerns with using lead in construction. In addition, there have been advances in the plastic and rubber industries that have resulted in less brittle products that can provide the same watertight effect as traditional lead pipe boots, but more safely and affordably.

What Type of Pipe Boots Do You Sell?

We have both pipe boots for new construction and retrofit pipe boots that can be used to replace parts on existing construction. We offer standard sizes #1 to #7, and high temperature pipe boots in sizes #3, #5, #7, #8, and #9.

What Is the Difference Between Gray and Orange Pipe Boots?

The products we sell are from Universal Master Flash. Their regular pipe boots are gray and their high temperature pipe boots are orange.

Why Use Universal Master Flash?

We believe they are the best quality pipe boots available. They have a 20-year warranty, are Ozone and UV resistant, can be customized to different pipe sizes, have adaptable bases that work with different roof pitches, and can fit almost all panel configurations. We also low their low temperature resistance, which makes them highly suitable for rooftop applications in Colorado.