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Custom Chimney Shrouds

Have you ever wondered what those decorative things you sometimes see on the top of the chimney are? They are called chimney shrouds, though they may also be called chimney caps. Chimney caps provide a finished look to the top of a chimney, which can help a house look complete. They also provide functional benefits that can help protect the integrity of your home.

Do Chimney Shrouds Serve a Purpose?

Yes. While they may appear purely decorative, chimney shrouds do actually have a function. Actually, they have three functions.

Does the Design of a Chimney Shroud Matter?

You may be looking at your chimney shroud as a way to show off some personality and provide a custom touch to your home build. However, custom chimney caps are not purely decorative. They need to have the right shape and design to work properly, not just look good on your chimney

Help with Custom Chimney Shrouds

With over 20 years of combined experience in roofing and custom metal fabrication, we have the skills to help you design metal chimney caps that combine form and function. The custom design begins with your choice of metal. Most customers choose chimney shrouds made from metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper. We can use other materials in the design, but we focus on function and form so that materials need to be durable to create a long-lasting product.

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