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Custom Radius Flashing

When you think of metal, you may think of sharp angles and flat surfaces. However, some of the most beautiful and functional metal surfaces out there are curved. Curved metal roofs provide excellent protection, shed snow and precipitation, and can be visually stunning. However, you want to have flashing or finishing pieces that are of the same high quality and design as the rest of your curved work.
At Architectural Sheet Metal & Panels, Inc. we can create the custom radius flashing that you need for your project. With over 20 years of combined roofing and metal experience, we have the skills you need to get the job done right, on time, and at an affordable price point.

What Is Custom Radius Flashing?

Flashing refers to all of thin pieces of material used to prevent water from entering into the structure of joints. Flashing is installed on roofs to prevent leaks. Radius flashing is curved flashing, and custom radius flashing is flashing that is custom designed to match the radius of your project.

What Types of Custom Radius Flashing Can You Provide?

We can provide

  • Radius Fascia- the board along the side of the overhang of the roof and below your gutter
  • Radius Rake- the trim for the gables on a roof
  • Radius Sidewall- the junction between the wall and the sloped part of a roof
  • Radius Gutters- the horizontal metal tubes that catch water as it comes of off a roof or part of a roof
  • Radius Coping – protective pieces on walls that are designed to shed water onto the roof

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Not sure what you need? No problem. Because we are experts in metal roofing as well as custom metal fabrication, we can help you determine your roofing flashing needs, design them, and fabricate them to your specifications. To get started, contact us today.