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Panel clips are how you attach the metal roof to the roof deck or other substrate. You may also hear panel clips called cleats. Your choice of panel clip is going to depend on several factors including your choose of roof and your standing seam system.

Which Panel Clips Do You Carry?

At Architectural Sheet Metal & Panels, Inc., we carry the following types of panel clips:
  • 1.5” Mechanical Seam Butterfly base
  • 1.5” ML Fixed Clip 24 GA & 26GA
  • 1.5” ML Fixed Clip 24GA & 26GA- Stainless
  • 2” Mechanical Fixed Clip 24GA
  • 2” Mechanical Seam Butterfly Base 18GA
  • 2” Mechanical Seam Butterfly Tab 22GA
  • 1.75” SL Clip 18GA
  • 1.5” ML Fixed Clip 24GA & 26GA
  • SS450 1.5” Snap
  • SS550 1.5” Snap
  • Folding Clip Tee Panel
  • Standing Clip Tee Panel

What Are the Main Types of Clips?

Clips are classified according to how they are connected to the system and how they work.
  • Butterfly Clips– Also known as expansion and contraction clips or slider clips, these fasteners have movable pieces that allow for movement in the metal roofing system. This movement occurs with thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Snap Clips– Also known as fixed clips, these clips attach directly to the panel and to the roof deck and do not allow for expansion and contraction. They are used with snap-lock systems.
  • Floating Clips– These are designed to float above the roof to allow for the installation of insulation or to dampen sounds. They also allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

How Do You Pick the Right Roof Clip?

Your choice of roof clip depends on several factors. Clips come in a variety of different materials, but we only stock materials that we recommend for use in Colorado’s climate. The roof manufacturer will have clip recommendations based on the roofing type. You want to follow manufacturer recommendations, not only because those are probably the best clips for the job, but also because of potential warranty issues if you deviate from manufacturer recommendations.

Can Clips Be Used for Other Purposes?

Yes. In addition to using clips with standing seam metal roofing systems, clips can be used to attach pieces in other parts of construction projects like wall systems.
Panel Clips standing seam system

Clips for standing seam system.

1-5 Mechanical Seam Butterfly-Base
Panel Clips standing seam system
ML Fixed Clip 24GA Stainless

1.5" Mechanical

2 mechanical seam butterfly base 18ga
2 Mechanical Fixed Clip 24GA
2 mechanical seam butterfly base 18ga

2" Mechanical

Panel Clips standing seam system
1-75 sl ul clip 18ga

1.75 Snap Lock

SS450 1 5-Snap

SS450 1.5" Snap

1.5” 550 SL Clip 20GA

SS550 1.5" Snap

standing seam t panel