Collector Heads and Scuppers

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Copper Collector Head
How do you get water off of a roof? While this may not seem like an important question because gravity should inevitably get water off of a roof, it is actually a very critical question. Water is heavy. Lots of water is very heavy. If it is allowed to stay on a roof, it can threaten the structural integrity of the roof and of the building. In addition, allowing standing water to stay on surfaces, even surfaces designed to hold water, can invite long-term damage. That is why you need a way to get water off of your roof. There are two main ways to do that:

What Is a Scupper?

A scupper is an architectural device that is used to allow water to escape from a roof by guiding water away from the building. You can have stand-alone scuppers that work with flat roof systems or scuppers what work with downspouts and gutters.

What Is a Downspout?

A downspout is roof drainpipe that diverts water from the roof, from a scupper, or from a gutter system down the side of a building without having the water hit the building. The downspout conductor head is connected to the top of the downspout and may serve a decorative purpose as well as a functional one.

Can You Make Custom Scuppers and Downspouts?

Of course, we can. We can fabricate whatever you need for your roof drainage system. We can create purely functional parts of your water removal system or stylized. We can custom make items including the scupper head and the scupper box in any material, and in different profiles, sizes, and angles, to fit your design.

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