rchitectural sheet metal panels

Sheet metal fabrication for roofing, metal wall, and construction applications.

Metal Stamping involves a punch machine. Metal fabrication requires more custom involvement to make the product.

It’s important to get the correct measurements so that parts only have to be made once. Sometimes components are made and the wrong measurements were taken.

Most of what we do is domestic manufacturing. Domestic manufacturing as a whole just means its more accessible.

For sheet metal:
i. Drawings of what is needed. Roof plans or a drawn-out order of what size the roof is and what is needed.

i. Design and desired thickness of metal that is wanted to be cut.

We haven’t before but we are open to it.

If we have the material it takes about 2 days to produce trim. For custom orders it can take 3-4 days depending on the complexity.

For plasma work it can be about a week.

We do not accept American Express
i. We accept other major card companies