Custom Fabrication

Radius Panel Roofing System

Panel Coverage: 12,16,18

Rib Height: 1.5”

Rib Features: Available with striations, pencil ribs, or flat pan

Standard Gauges: 24ga

Radius Roof Panels are made from the 1.5” mechanical lock roof system. These panels are curved at the job site or in the shop depending on the size of the panels. These beautifully curved panels are truly a custom job and are built to fit each individual job correctly. For further information on these panels give us a call and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Radius Fascia

This is the trim package that is part of the radius panel roofing system. Since every job has a custom radius to their roof, we also fabricate the fascia pieces that tie everything together in house.

Radius Coping

For those commercial jobs where there are unique walls, we provide this coping system that has curvature to it. This product takes away the need to cut the original coping piece into various pieces and transfers them into one solid piece. These parts come in 10’ increments.

Coned T-Panel Roofs

Our tapered roof system is sure to catch anyone’s attention on your beautiful home. This roofing system is made from the t-panel profile, each panel is hand cut and bent to perfectly fit your cone roof.


We create custom scuppers for any commercial job available.

Material: steel, pvc coated metal, tpo coated metal

Standard gauge: 24gauge

Collector head

We create custom and standard collector heads. They come sealed with caulking and are sure to be a premium product when delivered. Inquire us for further information and questions.

Material: steel, pvc coated metal, tpo coated metal

Standard gauge:  24 gauge

Other custom trim available

Come meet our crew and call us to find out what we can do for you

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps comes in various sizes and shapes. We make standard and custom chimney caps of various gauges and materials according to what the customer needs.

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