Rolls of Insulation

Accessories Tools Available in: r11, r13, r19 Optional: r30


Accessories Tools Sharkskin Ultra SA Underlayment 48″ x 125′ 5 sq roll Sharkskin Ultra Underlayment 48″ x250′ Sharkskin Synthetic (10sq roll)

Panel Clips

Accessories Tools Panel clips are how you attach the metal roof to the roof deck or other substrate. You may also hear panel clips called cleats. Your choice of panel clip is going to depend on several factors including your choose of roof and your standing seam system. Which Panel Clips Do You Carry? At… Continue reading Panel Clips


Accessories Tools Caulking Nova Flex available in most standard colors

Butyl Tape

Accessories Tools Butyl Tape 3/8” Thick 7/8” Thick

Self Driller Screws

Accessories Tools Self Driller Screws Available sizes: 1.5” Optional: 1”

Wood Screws with Neoprene Washer

Accessories Tools Wood Screws with Neoprene Washer Available sizes: 1.5” Optional: 2”-3”

Pipe Boots

Accessories Tools Pipe Boots Standard Sizes (Gray): #1-#7 High Temp (Orange): Available sizes: #3, #5, #7, #8, #9 PDF for both grey and orange boots Recommended Installation Guide Retrofit Pipeboots Sizes: #1,#2, #3 Information on the pipeboot and photos. Also sizing Recommended Installation Guide Making sure that your roof is watertight is one of the… Continue reading Pipe Boots