Chimney Shrouds

Custom Fabrication Custom Chimney Shrouds Have you ever wondered what those decorative things you sometimes see on the top of the chimney are? They are called chimney shrouds, though they may also be called chimney caps. Chimney caps provide a finished look to the top of a chimney, which can help a house look complete.… Continue reading Chimney Shrouds

Custom Radius Flashing

Custom Fabrication Custom Radius Flashing When you think of metal, you may think of sharp angles and flat surfaces. However, some of the most beautiful and functional metal surfaces out there are curved. Curved metal roofs provide excellent protection, shed snow and precipitation, and can be visually stunning. However, you want to have flashing or… Continue reading Custom Radius Flashing

Box Gutters & Downspouts

Custom Fabrication Box Gutters fabricated as needed 5”, 6”, 7” Downspouts with Pittsburgh seam

Collector Heads and Scuppers

Custom Fabrication How do you get water off of a roof? While this may not seem like an important question because gravity should inevitably get water off of a roof, it is actually a very critical question. Water is heavy. Lots of water is very heavy. If it is allowed to stay on a roof,… Continue reading Collector Heads and Scuppers