Our products and Catalog 2016

Standing Seam

This roof system is preferred by many customers that are wanting the best for their building. Whether the application is for a small house, a barn, or a large commercial building, the standing seam roof systems will provide exceeding protection against the elements. In addition to the panel, we have different rib types that can be formed into the panel. At our facilities we produce these panels and also on site.

Exposed Fastener

These roof systems are standard for barns and many other applications that include commercial and residential jobs. There are various types of profiles that are sure to suit the needs of many individuals.

Be sure to come in and find out many of the other panels we offer.

Commercial/ Residential

Commercial jobs always seem to throw you a curve ball. We can produce any custom coping metal or other trim needed to complete your project. On top of commercial we product standard residential drip edge and keep step flashing at hand. 

Custom Fabrication

We are also specialist in various custom items that include radius roof panels and complicated chimney caps. We make sure to meet every measurement required by the customer for a perfect fit. Come in for any projects that require that special touch.

Standing Seam


  • Conceal Screws

  • Rivets

  • Panel Closures

  • Pipe Boots

  • Underlayment


Exposed Fastener


  • Rubber Seal Screws

  • Underlayment

  • Ridge Vents

  • Closures

  • Sealant

Wall Panel Systems

Introducing our new product, the HWP-16 Panel. This popular panel can now be roll formed on-site with an industry first portable machine. Our lead times will be cut short due to us locally producing this panel in Colorado. Our other product the Flush Wall Panel is also available with our other portable machines.